Places To Visit

Nine Arch Bridge

Due to the lack of Iron during 1st world war, this construction was built without iron or steel, in 1921 the longest viaduct in the east at the time. At an altitude of 3100feet, this arch design was a result of ingenuity by the English, heeded by a local village head.

Demodara Railway Station

The Demodara spiral tunnel was also constructed in 1921, and runs a 441 feet while looping underneath the station itself. An amusing sight for the Traveler’s eye, it is easily visible from the Demodara railway station and only walking distance from Eco Point.

Little Adam's Peak

Only a short walk from Ella town, this is well worth the effort! Great views from the top of the surrounding mountain ranges and tea plantations. Hike to the adjacent peak from the view point for the best view and most memorable camera captures.

Dhowa Temple

The Dowa rock temple could be considered as a Mahayana Sculpture with a huge unfinished huge Buddha image carved into the bare rock face. The temple dates back to the 1st century BC, to the time of king Walagamba with paitings and architecture preserved from the era.

Ravana Cave

These tunnels prove beyond doubt the architectural brilliance of legendary King Ravana. The tunnel is said to have served as a quick means of transport through the hills, a passage said to be 11km long, running behind the Dowa temple.

Ravana Falls

This waterfall measures approximately 25 m (82 ft) in height and cascades from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop. During the local wet season, the waterfall turns into what is said to resemble an Areca flower with withering petals. This reputed beauteous elegancy of the hill country is an enjoyable hike.

Adisham Bungalow

The house was built in Colonial days by an English aristocrat and planter Sir Thomas Villiers, former Chairman of George Steuart Co, a trading and estate agency based in Colombo.

Lipton's Seat

It would be the best to take a tuktuk for a ride up and then take a hike down to the factory because of the sun and the heat. Either way, you will get an amazing view on the plantations and get to see and meet the locals working and living there.

Horton Plains

Horton Plains in Sri Lanka, is the coldest and windiest wilderness in the country. It consists of ecosystems such as Montane evergreen forests, cloud forest, grass lands, marshy lands and aquatic ecosystem

Highland Spray Dried Milk Plant

The acres and acres of grazing fields are reminiscent of Denmark, with weather to match the quality. The farm serves excellent Edam cheese and a huge fresh milk production serving the whole island.


Modulsima consolidates the perfect sun-sets, mist endowed tea estates, numerous waterfalls, high elevation paddy fields and a plethora of photographic hikes- within a Tuk-tuk journey from our bungalow.

Mini World's End

Peek through Skie’s edge and wonder into heaven’s doorstep from Mini World’s End, where on a clear day you can see 5 districts on the central-eastern province transcend into a magical spectre. Beauty guaranteed to renter you speechless.