Welcome to Eco Point

Explore your inner voice amid the misty silence and serenity of nature. Drown yourself with the mountainous fresh air.. EcoPoint is a piece of heaven snuggled into tea plantations, in the highlands of central Lanka. It si located within easy distance to famous natural and historic sites, and is a wonderful location for nature walks, relaxation, or learning folk lifestyle significant with Sri Lankan hospitality.

We offer four lovely comfortable rooms with bathrooms, spacious living area for a wonderful family or gang getaway. Serving both local and foreign cuisine as per request, with healthy gourmet to nourish you from the inside, with variety to ensure that you never get bored. Entertainment, transportation, drivers, WiFi and many more facilities are available.

An Economical and Eco-friendly location for all travelers alike, here lays the beauty and relaxation you were looking to getaway to..

Please book prior to your arrival.